Sunday, August 06, 2006

I begin to strengthen the sides and plan more of a garden around it. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Maud supervises - as the Whiskas (mixed gender) advert goes "Our Maud is the Lord of all she surveys." Posted by Picasa

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Day Seven (plus) Notice the reduction of the heaps! A lot of small stones not used in the building have gone into the garden at the back of the house as border edging etc.
The work has been more than just the Labyrinth building. Lots of spin offs and opportunities with so much stone and gravel. Posted by Picasa

The Walkways - the Path - the actual Labyrinth is finished in record time! Five hours of work today, between showers. Only the edging needs attention so that the mowing of the lawn around is easy and I need to allow for the eventual growing of low shrubs or hedging and large grasses on the outside.

The most tiring part of the building of the Labyrinth was the extended entrance/exit part, that for some unknown reason I have on the Labyrinth. It represents birth and death (or could do) with the idea of birth canal and dark tunnel death experiences. So no wonder I found that bit tiring!! Posted by Picasa

Sunday 30th July - after a week of only being able to do half an hour here and an hour there, the Labyrinth is well onto its way to completion.
As a spiritual experience and all the handling of so many stones and barrowloads of gravel, I feel better in myself.
Body, mind and spirit have to work and be healed together. Posted by Picasa

Monday, July 24, 2006

Day Five - I do a few hours at a time. The rest of life continues - suprising how we can all find time for things we WANT to do!! The Labyrinth is symbolic how I am and how I feel - all to do with sorting out and restructuring. Each section corresponds to a deep area of myself. I need to do this!! Into it I place my thoughts and hopes and comments and feelings and more besides.

It is not just a case of placing stones but of sorting, carrying, placing. It is not just a building of the Labyrinth but also the reduction of the heap of stone in front of the house - much of which is dross and I have to make it useful elsewhere in the garden.

Maud is resting on the remaining grassy bit. Posted by Picasa

Maud (Grey Cat) supervising! Posted by Picasa

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Day Four Posted by Picasa

Day Three Posted by Picasa

The Labyrinth seems to dictate what to do next and how to do it. This is it on Day Two of the rebuilding. I needed a focus for the summer - I've got it! Posted by Picasa

The two heaps - one of gravel, the other of stone. Posted by Picasa

OK folks, so this looks a right old mess! But I have started!!
Started what? Started to overlay in stones and gravel on a variety od weed suppressents like old carpet and plastic (making sure the tree in the middle will always have access to enough moisture.)
On finding out where to obtain stones and gravel - local quarry - I ordered half a load of gravel and half a load of stone. Amazingly it arrived the very next day!
Two great heaps in front of the house - would I ever shift it all? Posted by Picasa

In April 2003 I built a rudimentary Celtic Labyrinth on the front lawn. People expected trimmed box hedges as in a typical garden maze, but the labyrinth stayed as it was!

The lawn was two inches thick with moss and as a lawn was a disaster area.

I never really liked the idea that I was making a meditative walk on moss killer. However the nearby rooks thought it wonderful when last winter the moss grew back even thicker and in the spring collected huge wadges of moss to line their nests. The Labyrinth bagan to look a bit ragged to say the least.

This picture, with a dusting of snow, makes it seem very attractive. Posted by Picasa